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Energy consumption in the Indo-Pacific region is increasing rapidly and will account for about half of total global energy consumption by 2035. The region is also on track to become the largest importer of energy and the largest source of carbon emissions.

Meeting energy demand while shifting to cleaner energy sources that reduce carbon emissions is an urgent challenge for policy makers in the Indo-Pacific, with a direct impact on the economic prosperity and strategic stability of the region.

The 2019 Pacific Energy Summit will examine keys to achieving Indo-Pacific energy security. This includes prospects for regional cooperation within the sector, financial barriers to quality infrastructure growth, energy trade tension and solutions, and measures for successful implementation of energy and climate policies.

  • Provide insights into changing energy demand, climate change risks, and sustainability needs in the Indo-Pacific
  • Share broad perspectives and policy experience related to clean energy technologies and energy consumption
  • Build the capacity of policy makers in the Indo-Pacific to implement more innovative and effective energy and climate change policies

Energy authority officials and other policy makers, researchers, and private sector representatives.

  • Deeper understanding of energy policy challenges and opportunities in the Indo-Pacific based on shared experiences
  • Introduction of the ADBI publication “Achieving Energy Security in Asia: Diversification, Integration and Policy Implications
  • Enhanced dialogue, trust and partnership among government officials and experts on energy policy, promoting stronger regional cooperation
  • Shared knowledge on how to improve the effectiveness of energy policies
How to register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

Event Contact

  • Arthur, Linda Faustina Senior CBT Specialist Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form
  • Baek, Yong Jun Research Associate Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form