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The AEW is a leading evaluation knowledge sharing platform in the Asia and Pacific region, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, PRC through the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI) and the Asian Development Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department (IED).

Over the last six years, the AEW has established itself as a highly relevant forum for promoting knowledge and partnerships to advance evaluation and development effectiveness at the national, regional, and international levels. For the first virtual 2020 AEW, 32 sessions with more than 120 speakers, were held and participants representing 113 countries joined the week-long event.

Theme, date, and location

The theme for the 2021 AEW is Transformational Evaluation: Moving from Uncertainties to Resilience.

This theme recognizes the role of evaluation in providing evidence-based information, lessons, and recommendations on development issues to help address short and long-term challenges and current uncertainties towards resilient and sustainable development.

Sessions for the 2021 AEW are organized around the following identified subthemes:

 Role of evaluation in public financial management

 The New Normal: Nexus of Evaluation and Decision-making and Policy Coherence

 Collaborating for Solutions in Times of Uncertainties [Government, Private Sector, Development Partners]

 Evaluation Learning: North-South and South-South Cooperation

The event will be held virtually from 06 to 10 September 2021 and will be both a sharing and learning event.

 Day 3 (8 September) is planned as a learning day managed directly by the proponents. Learning Day is an opportunity for participants to gain a skill through interactive and hands-on learning on topical areas and will be held mid-week.

Who can attend?

Government officials, representatives of international organizations, and evaluation experts interested to exchange knowledge, experience and the latest thinking and innovation in evaluation.

How to register

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