Time of Event

28 November 2022: 11:50-17:45 Tokyo time
29 November 2022: 08:50-17:55 Tokyo time
30 November 2022: 08:50-17:00 Tokyo time


The COVID-19 pandemic, trade tensions, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have significantly disrupted global supply chains, reverberating through commodity markets and trade channels, threatening food and energy security, and weighing on sustainable economic recovery.

While the world continues to move toward improved growth, different economies are rebounding at different rates in the face of today’s global supply chain challenges. Building supply chain resilience is vital to enhancing the economic outlook for all, particularly in trade-reliant developing Asia and the Pacific.

The virtual 2022 ADBI Annual Conference will focus on fostering resilient global supply chains. It will discuss current supply chain conditions and possible research-based next steps for boosting trade and transportation, mitigating financial and climate change risks, and strengthening food and energy security.

  • Examine global supply chains across key sectors affected by disruptions
  • Explore ways to harness digitalization and financial risk management to promote supply chain resilience
  • Spotlight research-based policy strategies and their implications for developing Asia and the Pacific
Target Participants

Policy makers and experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations, as well as media and other interested members of the public

  • Greater understanding of current supply chain challenges and their implications for developing Asia and the Pacific
  • Identification of policy recommendations for overcoming supply chain disruptions
  • Research papers featured during the conference will be considered for publication in the ADBI working paper series and an edited book

In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between English version and translated version, English version shall always prevail.

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