After 3 years of virtual events, the Asian Evaluation Week is back in person! The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI), are pleased to announce the 2023 Asian Evaluation Week to be held on September 11th-14th in Bangkok, Thailand. This year's theme is "Beyond Recovery: Evaluation for Development Effectiveness".

The AEW is a leading evaluation knowledge sharing and learning platform in the Asia and Pacific region. In the last 7 years, the event has established itself as a highly relevant forum for promoting knowledge and partnerships to advance evaluation and development effectiveness at the national, regional, and international levels. Partake in this unique opportunity to meet development and evaluation partners from different parts of the globe, attend seminars and exchange knowledge on development challenges and solutions.

The 2022 AEW, conducted virtually, had evaluation knowledge sharing sessions and gathered 970 participants, from 395 organizations representing 97 countries.

Theme, date, and location

As global economies recover from the recent economic downturn and health crisis, countries continue to face challenges from uncertainties arising from climate change and diminishing natural resources. These have led to slowing the process towards the earlier envisioned Sustainable Development Goals. Approaches on sustainability and resilience; sustained and inclusive partnerships together with innovative evaluation are key to forging ahead in 2023 and beyond. With this backdrop, the 2023 Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) aims to focus on innovations in evaluation that will contribute towards revitalizing and accelerating recovery processes within institutions and country systems. The theme for the 2023 AEW is Beyond Recovery: Evaluation for Development Effectiveness.

Sessions for the 2023 AEW are organized around the following identified subthemes:

 Sustainability and Resilience Subtheme 1: Sustainability and Resilience

 Inclusive partnership Subtheme 2: Inclusive partnership

 Innovations in Evaluation Subtheme 3: Innovations in Evaluation

The 2023 AEW will be held in Bangkok, Thailand at the InterContinental Hotel from 11 to 14 September.

Who can attend?

Government officials, representatives of international organizations, and evaluation experts interested to exchange knowledge, experience and the latest thinking and innovation in evaluation.

How to register

Registration is closed.

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