Time of Event

13:00-14:20 (Tokyo time)


This year’s forum explored how advancing equal participation in agriculture can unlock women’s potential to boost agricultural production, food security, and sustainable development. Key stakeholders and experts from international organizations and academia identified policy recommendations for empowering women to participate in agriculture on a level playing field, with equitable opportunities for decent work and livelihoods.

  • Examine factors that limit women’s participation in agriculture
  • Discuss policy recommendations for promoting women’s empowerment in the sector
  • Describe the socioeconomic incentives for enhancing equitable opportunities for women in agriculture
Target Participants
  • Enhanced understanding of how greater gender equality in agriculture can contribute to food security and sustainable development
  • Identification of viable policy solutions for advancing women’s empowerment in agriculture in developing Asian economies
  • Enhanced policy dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and networking to facilitate equitable opportunities for women in the sector

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