Time of Event

09:00–17:00 Tokyo time


The ASEAN+3 Economic Cooperation and Financial Stability Forum (AMRO Forum), inaugurated in December 2022, is an annual flagship event organized by AMRO in collaboration with the ASEAN+3 member authorities and other partner institutions. This year, the forum is organized on the theme of “Safeguarding Growth and Stability in a Complex World: Challenges and Solutions.” It aims to discuss the key challenges to the region’s macrofinancial stability and outlook and present solutions and initiatives for fostering new areas of growth over two sessions in Kanazawa City, Japan.

Discussion Topics

Session 1: Macroeconomic Situation and Prospects: Disruptors and Stabilizers

  • Have ASEAN+3 countries fully adjusted to the post-pandemic “new normal” and are there remaining pockets of weaknesses in their domestic economies that require monetary and fiscal support?
  • How are economies facing the sharper policy trade-off between price stability and financial stability objectives?
  • How should ASEAN+3 economies cope with the challenges from geo-economic fragmentation and leverage opportunities to bolster crisis preparedness and foster resilience?
  • How can regional cooperation serve as a buffer and shock absorber in mitigating the impact of long-term challenges, such as climate change, demographic shifts, and technological disruptions?

Session 2: Soaring Debt and Financial Stress: Implications for ASEAN+3’s Financial Stability

  • Should the ASEAN+3 economies be concerned about the debt situation in the region?
  • What aspects of the debt situation are causes for concern for ASEAN+3’s financial stability?
  • Which factors underpin the region’s vulnerability to household, corporate, and public debt?
  • What are the policy implications? What is the appropriate policy mix to mitigate emerging or existing debt vulnerabilities?
  • Discuss key challenges that will potentially impact economic growth and financial stability for ASEAN+3 economies.
  • Formulate initiatives to address the potential challenges the region may face
  • Launch of the ASEAN+3 Financial Stability Report
Target Participants
  • Mid-to-high-level officials from ministries of finance and central banks in Asian member countries
  • ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO)

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