The conference, in collaboration between the Asian Development Bank, Asian Development Bank Institute, Alliance for Financial Inclusion, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor and the Government of Luxembourg aims to bring together policy makers, financial sector supervisors and regulators, financial institutions, financial technology (FinTech) companies, academia, as well as financial sector experts to discuss the growing importance of FinTech in shaping the financial system of the new economy including logistics infrastructure, payment systems, financial services, cloud computing and data collection.

Other events this week to which relevant stakeholders will be invited include a workshop on regulatory technology for FinTech and a Level One Project Bootcamp delivered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Level One Project is a vision for a digital payments platform that supports inclusive, interoperable digital economies, and design principles to achieve this.


Well-functioning financial systems and the role of new advances in financial technology and payments are demonstrating the potential to more rapidly reduce inequality and poverty and facilitate inclusive economic growth than more traditional financial services of the past. 

The conference will build on the 2016 ADB Conference on Financial Inclusion in the Digital Economy and focus on:

  • new developments in FinTech and its impact on Sustainable Development Goals;
  • how the transition to a cashless digital economy is impacting urban development and employment;
  • digital finance and the future of commerce;
  • innovations in FinTech that are impacting access to finance, including agricultural value chains;
  • digital finance and new developments in insurance;
  • the balancing act regulators are faced with: prudential, market side, risk governance, against creating an appropriate enabling to support innovation via the test-and-learn and sandbox approaches and the potential role of cross-border/international recognition for FinTech approvals;
  • regulatory, policy and physical infrastructures for an integrated financial ecosystem;
  • accelerating financial inclusions through digital identification systems;
  • challenges of cyber security for FinTech operations;
  • data privacy, financial education and consumer protection;
  • the role of governments and multilateral development banks in the application of FinTech for sustainable and resilient infrastructure development;
  • country and regional priorities to support the expansion of digital financial services and electronic payments;
  • spring boarding pilot projects using digital financial technologies into full blown projects; and
  • how multilateral development banks can leverage Fintech in bringing private investment to developing countries.

Target participants

Policymakers, financial sector supervisors and regulators, financial institutions, FinTech companies, academia, as well as financial sector experts will be invited to participate.

Social media

Twitter hashtag: #DigiFin17

How to register

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Participation to the forum is free of charge. ADB will fund only government-nominated participants' travel and accommodation.

Presentation materials

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