2nd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week

Event | 17 - 21 June 2013 Delft, The Netherlands


The theme of the 2nd Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week is "Building Cooperation for Green Cities in Secure River Basins." Participants will contribute project case studies from Asia and the Netherlands and learn together in an intensive program how to leverage results from collaborative approaches in water investment projects for cities and river basins.

The program will build on the successful experience of the 1st Asia-Netherlands Water Learning Week in October 2012 in which more than 30 Asian water leaders compared experiences with colleagues in the Netherlands in making smart choices for water security and green growth.


Participation in the learning week is targeted to project teams from Asia that seek to build new ways of cooperation into new or ongoing urban and basin water projects. To successfully complete the week's intensive program, the selected teams will work and learn in partnership with dedicated host organizations and experts from the Netherlands and UNESCO-IHE.

Project teams

Projects supported by ADB's Water Financing Program 2011-2020 are invited to submit a proposal by 12 April 2013. Participating project teams are expected to include five highly motivated members, from two different government organizations, the corporate or private sector, civil society, and a development finance or partner agency. Team leaders from government will be nominated at director level or above. Gender balance in team composition is encouraged. Acceptance of participation will be confirmed after a review of the proposals.

Guidelines for proposals

Criteria for the selection of project teams are in the guidelines for proposals on the ADB-UNESCO-IHE Knowledge Partnership website.


The event is being organized by UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and ADB.