2nd High-Level Workshop on Inland Waterway Transport

Event | 15 - 16 July 2013 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


Inland waterway transport (IWT) is a low-cost, environmentally friendly way of transporting people and goods but countries in the Asia and the Pacific region have yet to realize its full potential. Many Asian Development Bank (ADB) developing member countries (DMCs) have networks of rivers and canals that can support IWT. However, until now this potential has remained underdeveloped. Often national policies for transport have paid too little attention to IWT compared with other transport modes, and there has not been enough investment in IWT infrastructure and services. More attention needs to be given to strengthening policies, institutions and investment programs to support the development of IWT.

Noting the large opportunity for work in this area, ADB organized an international workshop in Chongqing, Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in September 2012 (hereafter the Chongqing workshop) to provide a forum for ADB developing member countries to share experiences on how to realize the potential of IWT. Detailed proceedings can be accessed online.

Building on the findings of the Chongqing workshop, ADB plans to host a second inland waterway workshop to further facilitate the advancement of support for IWT.


The main objective of the second workshop is to bring together a select group of DMCs and ADB staff (at Sector Director and Country Director level) to identify concrete opportunities in IWT that can be developed into investment projects to be supported by ADB. The intention is to further screen such opportunities, and develop a number of them into actual projects over the next two years.

Taret particpants

Participation is by invitation only.

  • High-level officials (both administrative and technical) from 10 developing member countries (DMCs)
  • Transport Sector Directors of ADB
  • Country Directors/Resident Representatives and key Resident Mission staff
  • Transport, water and urban sector staff working in IWT

Resource speakers

Resource persons from Canada (St. Lawrence), USA (Mississippi), Europe (Rhine), and PRC (Yangtze)


The event is jointly organized by ADB's Regional and Sustainable Development Department, and the Transport Community of Practice. The Water Community of Practice is also providing technical support.

Further information can be obtained from the following contacts:

Technical inquiries:
Ko Sakamoto
Transport Economist, RSID and Transport Community of Practice Secretariat
Tel: +632 683-1664

Dong Kyu Lee
Principal Transport Specialist, South Asia Transport Division and Coordinator, Water and Air Transport Advisory Team, Transport Community of Practice
Tel: +632 683-4157

Logistical inquiries:
Apple Yuson
Event Coordinator
Tel: +632 632-4444 local 73922