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The 2nd Training Course on Competition Law and Policy for Asian Countries

Event | 9 - 13 June 2014 Japan Fair Trade Commission


This training course aims to enhance competitive environments in Asia by introducing Japan's competition law to government officials of Asian countries.


During the past 20 years Asian countries have achieved rapid economic growth and endeavored to create a favorable trade and investment climate for further development. As part of these efforts, many countries in Asia have introduced, or enhanced, their competition laws. Along with such efforts, many countries have a strong interest to learn from Japan's many decades of experience in implementing competition policy and law.

ADBI and Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) will conduct a training course in competition policy and law to help officials of competition-related authorities in Asian countries that have introduced, or are planning to introduce, competition law.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Japanese competition policy and law. They will study competition law cases through theoretical and practical perspectives. The experience and knowledge obtained in the course will help countries develop effective competition policies and law.


The training course will contribute to effective implementation of competition law, review existing competition policy and law, and draft a new competition law or amendments to existing competition law. The course will also help promote competitive environments in Asia by providing attendees an opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise buy studying Japanese competition law and policy.


  • To understand the history and features of competition policy and law in Japan;
  • To understand the status of competition laws and how these laws are implemented in Japan;
  • To consider how to deal with the challenges in enacting/amending competition laws in his/her country by comparing the Japanese situation in terms of competition law implementation;
  • To leverage knowledge gained in the training to his/her organization, and;
  • To expand the network among government officials of Asian competition authorities.


Mid-level officials of competition authorities and other authorities responsible for regulating anti-competitive activities in Asia.

How to register

By invitation only.




Prepare and present country reports and discuss issues applicable to their policy reform.


Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC)