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3rd Lab Meeting: Negotiating Strategic Change Transforming Leadership Lab: Women, Men, Power, and Potential

Event | 29 - 31 August 2017 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


It is widely recognized that diversity in leadership, particularly gender diversity, is vital for sustainable development that leads to better performance. The McKinsey Global Institute argued in 2015 that there will be a 26% loss of annual global GDP by 2025 if we keep the current status quo in women’s participation compared with a scenario where women can achieve their full potential. The data shows that while inequalities are a critical rights-based challenge, they matter to the whole of society in realizing its full economic potential.

For real change to take place, mindsets and corporate cultures must be transformed. We need to move from thinking politically to working differently—highlighting politically astute and interactive solution-focused leadership.

The Governance Thematic Group of the Asian Development Bank and the Global Leadership Academy have launched an international training program for senior government officials and other leaders that will provide training on leadership and diversity. The approach comprises tools and techniques that derive from multi-level learning, solving conflicts, and discovering and negotiating common interests. Importance is given to exploring values such as equal opportunity.

The training comprises three workshops. The first was held on 22–24 November 2016 in Cambodia, and the second was held on 28–30 March 2017 in Berlin. ADBI is hosting the third workshop on 29–31 August 2017.


  • Enhance the capacity of policy makers in ADB’s developing member countries by transforming power relations and leadership, and build strategic alliances
  • Highlight challenges to achieving greater institutional and social change and reducing inequalities


40 high-ranking government officials and other leaders from business, academia, and civil society, including 9 from ADB’s developing member countries.

Participant responsibilities

Attend all sessions and participate in discussions.


  • Understand how to use a systems approach to assess leadership situations, along with a theoretical and practical understanding of the nature of change processes from an inclusive systems view
  • Enhanced leadership skills and social techniques for vision building and implementation, dialogue and group facilitation, strategy development, and community building
  • Ideas and initiatives to translate theory into action through prototyping methods like design thinking

How to register

By invitation only.




Asian Development Bank (ADB), the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit; GIZ)

Time of event

09:00 - 18:00