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4th International Fecal Sludge Management Conference

Event | 19 - 23 February 2017 Chennai, India


Worldwide, 2.7 billion people rely on onsite sanitation. Yet, there is still typically no management system in place to deal with the resulting fecal sludge (e.g. septage and pit latrine sludge). The result is that the waste typically ends up being dumped directly into the urban environment, with significant health and environmental implications. Creating fecal sludge management (FSM) infrastructure and public services that work for everyone, and keep fecal sludge out of the environment is a major challenge for achieving universal sanitation access. The 4th International Fecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM4) will be held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where the State Government has recently initiated measures to address FSM with regard to policy, regulatory changes, innovative solutions, and pilots. FSM4 will focus on innovative and practical solutions that can be scaled up, including three tracks: research, case studies, and industry and exhibition.


The aim of FSM4 is to share and brainstorm potential solutions that will manage fecal sludge, preventing it from creating any harm to the environment, to formulate policy recommendations that promote best practices, and to identify lessons learned in how to make FSM an integral part of sanitation service delivery.


FSM4 is organized by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, which is authorized to formulate policies, sponsor and support programs, coordinate the activities of various central ministries, state governments and other nodal authorities and monitor the programs concerning all the issues of urban development in the country.

ADB supports FSM4 through the Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund established by ADB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Building on the success of the first three International FSM Conferences in Hanoi (2015) and in Durban (2011 and 2012), FSM4 aims to bring together professionals working in the sector, including utilities, service providers, cities, governments, academics, scientists, consultants, donors and industries, to support the global initiative of disseminating sustainable solutions for FSM.

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