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5th Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) Conference

Event | 1 - 2 October 2019 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


ADB is organizing the 5th e-GP Conference of the Asia Pacific Public Electronic Procurement Network (APPeN) on 1–2 October 2019 at ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines. This year’s conference will focus on Emerging Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) Technologies and Innovation, and Regional Trends and Country Systems Experiences.


During the event, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • develop a wider network of e-GP experts and public sector managers involved in developing and implementing e-GP systems in their respective countries.
  • exchange views and foster better inter-regional e-GP cooperation and cross border trade.
  • interact with ADB procurement specialists to get better understanding of ADB approach to e-GP.
  • identify potential areas of e-GP cooperation at the bilateral and regional levels.

At the end of the conference, participants will have:

  • discovered new ideas and knowledge in improving their existing e-GP system operations and developing their system further so that these are based on international best practice.
  • a wider, active network of e-GP experts and practitioners that can interact formally or informally and continue their dialogue on e-GP.
  • received first-hand information on ADB e-GP policies and initiatives for supporting e-GP in ADB-financed projects.
  • continue the process of exploring potential e-GP cooperation or collaboration with other institutions or countries in the region.

Expected output

Through the APPeN, the public procurement agencies implementing e-GP are strengthened from receiving international best practice knowledge and learn from each other how best to implement and integrate e-GP as part of a wider public reform initiative.

Target participants

By invitation only. Nominations are sought from all participating developing member countries (DMCs).

Resource speakers

  • e-GP experts and practitioners will present on emerging e-GP technologies and innovation and regional trends;
  • identified e-GP systems managers and procurement practitioners will discuss their country specific initiatives and experiences in developing and implementing e-GP solutions; and
  • ADB procurement specialists will discuss applicable e-GP policies, trends and technical assistance to support e-GP in DMCs.

Event organizer (Logistics)

Marie Charmaine “Apple” YUSON (Ms.)
Consultant (Logistics)