The Asian Development Bank (ADB), in collaboration with the Government of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (JMAFF), has established the Expert Committee (EC), together with ASEAN participating countries such as the Philippines and Viet Nam and well-established research institutes, in order to share Japan’s knowledge and experiences in paddy field management to increase food production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector of the ASEAN region and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices and climate change mitigation.

Based on the discussions in the previous EC meetings, the fourth EC meeting on 14 May 2024 and the webinar for the explanation of the draft methodology in the Philippines on 7 June 2024 were virtually held respectively. At the 4th EC meeting, the ADB provided an opportunity for the EC to have an in-depth discussion on specific issues including the definition and the applicable project criteria, in the draft methodology, focusing mainly on the Philippines. The summary of the minutes of the 4th EC meeting is available below. In addition, the ADB held the webinar so that the EC Secretariat would explain the methodology to the public.

Subsequently, the ADB will hold the 5th EC meeting on 25 June 2024 to discuss the draft methodology in the Philippines. As discussed in the 4th EC meeting, the draft methodology in Viet Nam still needs further discussion in the EC and then the ADB will present a final draft methodology in the Philippines at the 5th EC meeting.

These collaborative efforts represent a significant step forward in enhancing the environmental sustainability of the agriculture sector. The proceedings and outcomes of the pivotal meetings will be documented and made available on ADB's website.


The 5th EC meeting will be held on 25 June 2024, where the ADB will present a final draft methodology in the Philippines to the EC. If approved by the EC, the EC will submit the methodology to the JCM Joint Committee between the Philippines and Japan later.

On the other hand, for the draft methodology in Viet Nam, the ADB will keep drafting the methodology in Viet Nam so as to provide the EC with an opportunity to discuss the draft methodology in Viet Nam later.

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