The 5th Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference and Exhibition | Asian Development Bank

The 5th Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference and Exhibition

Event | 6 - 7 September 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia


Water Loss Asia 2016, now on its 5th edition, returns as the authoritative platform for water professionals to discuss the issue of water loss management, a pertinent global challenge that demands solutions for today, and planning for tomorrow.

Non-revenue water, or “NRW” – defined as the difference between the amount of water put into the distribution system and the amount of water billed to consumers — remains a challenge for many communities today, especially in developing countries, where about 45 million cubic meters are lost daily through water leakage in the distribution networks—enough to serve nearly 200 million people (World Bank). In Asia, it is estimated that the annual volume of NRW in urban water utilities is around 29 billion cubic meters (m3), causing water utilities to lose nearly $9 billion per year (Asian Development Bank). In Indonesia, rapid urbanization has outpaced investment in the water services sector, emphasizing the need for efficient NRW management in this populous nation.


The water industry in Asia and in many parts of the world today face the challenge of integrating systems end-to-end to provide real-time leak management that is the only way to get reliable, measurable data in order to improve performance, reduce wastage and increase revenue effectively. This issue will be the addressed at the WLA 2016 Conference bringing top speakers comprising NRW experts, policy makers and key water industry players to discuss issues and solutions to this problem.

The conference provides an ideal platform for professionals to:

  • gain valuable insights on how NRW is being successfully managed in Asia;
  • network and exchange knowledge with leading industry layers and experts from public and private sector both locally and abroad;
  • establish productive strategic partnerships, and;
  • make the right connections with potential clients from Asia.

Key themes

Themed “Managing NRW the Asian Way and Enabling Indonesian Water Utilities” this 3-day international industry event will host a workshop, conference and exhibition estimated to draw over 3,000 visitors from the water sector seeking new solutions for NRW Management and opportunities to network, share and collaborate. For the first time ever, Water Loss Asia 2016 will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, the cosmopolitan capital of one of the region’s most populous nations.


The event is jointly organized by Indonesia Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI) and PROTEMP Group and supported by the Water Loss Asia Industry Group. PERPAMSI is the official body for water utilities in Indonesia, and to date has 425 members, of which 383 are Regional Water Companies (PDAM) offices.


Consultants, contractors, policy makers, senior government officials, national and state water authorities, property developers, researchers, water engineers, and water management companies, among others, are expected to attend the conference.