The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is organizing the 7th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Public Electronic Procurement Network (APPeN) on 17–19 November 2021 through a virtual platform. This year’s conference will focus on Disruptive Technology Strategies for Strengthening e-GP during the Post-Pandemic Recovery Period.


To continue knowledge exchange and collaboration of the Asia Pacific Public Electronic Procurement Network

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • develop a wider network of e-GP experts and public sector managers involved in developing and implementing e-GP systems in their respective countries;
  • exchange views and foster better inter-regional e-GP cooperation and cross border trade;
  • interact with ADB procurement specialists to get better understanding of ADB approach to e-GP;
  • identify potential areas of e-GP cooperation at the bilateral and regional levels


  • e-GP’s Role in the COVID-19 Recovery Process
  • Accelerating Sustainable Procurement through e-GP
  • Use of e-GP for Procurement Complaints
  • Developing the Blockchain for e-Procurement
  • Strengthening e-GP Country Systems Implementation during COVID
  • e-GP Developments in other regions
  • New Modalities for Developing e-GP
  • Gender Inclusive Public Procurement and e-GP
  • e-GP Capacity Building for Government and Suppliers

Expected output

Through the APPeN, the public procurement agencies implementing e-GP are strengthened from receiving international best practice knowledge and learn from each other how best to implement and integrate e-GP as part of a wider public reform initiative.

At the end of the conference, the participants will

  • Reconnect with the network of e-procurement practitioners
  • Identify potential areas of collaboration with e-procurement network practitioners
  • Gain insights and knowledge relating to digitalization of procurement and its applications to emergency procurement
  • Discover new ideas and knowledge in improving their existing e-GP system operations and developing their system further so that these are based on international best practice.
  • Develop a wider, active network of e-GP experts and practitioners that can interact formally or informally and continue their dialogue on e-GP
  • Continue the process of exploring potential e-GP cooperation or collaboration with other institutions or countries in the region.

Target participants

Public procurement agency practitioners from ADB member countries

Resource speakers

  • ADB
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Open Contracting Partnership
  • World Bank

How to register

Registration is closed.

Event organizer (Logistics)

Marie Charmaine “Apple” YUSON (Ms)
Consultant (Logistics)
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