8th Network of Asian River Basin Organizations Training on Integrated Water Resources Management

Event | 27 November 2013 Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka


The Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) is committed to providing high-quality capacity development on integrated water resources management. Established in February 2004, NARBO aims to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of river basin organizations in promoting IWRM and improving water governance, through training and exchange of information and experiences among river basin organizations and their associated water sector agencies and knowledge partner organizations.

The 8th NARBO Training on integrated water resources management will focus on the Mahaweli river basin, which embodies many water resources and water services issues common to river basin management throughout Asia. Using a mix of participatory and trans-disciplinary case studies, the program will develop capacity water resources management practitioners to better apply integrated water resources management approaches at the basin-scale.

NARBO is supported by the ADB, ADBI, Japan Water Agency (JWA), and the Center for River Basin Organizations and Management (CRBOM).


The training aims to help river basin managers understand, introduce, implement and improve integrated water resources management in their respective river basins, based on the integrated water resources management spiral model.


The Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka is organizing the event.


Water professionals working at middle-management level in river basin organizations or government agencies responsible for water resources or river basin management will be invited.

Expected outputs

At least 25 water professionals trained on integrated water resources management .