fbpx 9th Asia Clean Energy Forum 2014 | Asian Development Bank

9th Asia Clean Energy Forum 2014

Event | 16 - 20 June 2014 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


The ninth Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF), jointly organized by ADB, USAID, and the World Energy Council, aims to share best practices in policy, technology, and finance to meet the region's climate and energy security challenges.

In 2014, ACEF will update its approach to knowledge exchange by introducing more targeted and in-depth discussions about clean energy. This new format is designed to allow participants to delve in and out of topics, thereby giving them the opportunity to learn both at a very technical and hands on level as well as at a more macro level.


  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing among clean energy practitioners in Asia.
  • Highlight innovative approaches to packaging and scaling up clean energy initiatives.
  • Take stock of the progress in advancing the clean energy agenda in Asia.

Target participants

Diverse group of experts, including stakeholders from governments, national and multinational banks, carbon and clean energy investment funds, project developers and service providers, environmental regulators, academe, civil society, and development partners and other international organizations.