9th NARBO IWRM Training | Asian Development Bank

9th NARBO IWRM Training

Event | 12 - 19 May 2014 Laguna, Philippines


TheNetwork of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) is committed to providing high-quality capacity development on integrated water resources management (IWRM). This is the 9th NARBO IWRM training program designed to assist practitioners of water resources management to better apply IWRM approaches at basin-scale. Using a mix of participatory and trans-disciplinary case studies the program will develop the capacity of participants to understand, introduce, implement and improve IWRM in their respective river basins, based on the IWRM spiral model.


The eight-day training program includes lectures and case studies with invited international IWRM specialists and staff from the Laguna Lake Development Authority, the host organization. Participants will undertake two full-day field studies in the Laguna Lake Basin, including dialogue with a cross-section of basin stakeholders. Study group discussions based on course materials, presentations and the study visits enable active interchange and debate on real water management issues. Participants will develop group assessments and presentations on their findings from selected case studies.

Case studies will be based on the Laguna Lake Basin which embodies many water resources and water services issues common to river basin management throughout Asia.


The training is open to water professionals working at middle-management level in river basin organizations or government agencies responsible for water resources or river basin management in Asia. Applicants from international development agencies, academic institutions, and non-government organizations may be accepted. A total of 30 participants are expected.

Expected outputs

After completion of the training, participants will be better equipped to introduce, implement, and improve IWRM in their river basins. You will have expanded your professional network, becoming part a growing network of IWRM practitioners focused on improving IWRM in their river basins. This will help you identify further training and professional development opportunities. Participants will leave the training with a kit of practical tools that will help you improve the practice of IWRM.


The training is being organized by NARBO, ADB, and ADBI.