2016 ACED– ADB Conference on Economic Development: The role of foreign direct investment in economic development | Asian Development Bank

2016 ACED– ADB Conference on Economic Development: The role of foreign direct investment in economic development

Event | 2 - 3 June 2016 The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will hold its inaugural ADB Conference on Economic Development (ACED) in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong. ACED will be an annual exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst experts and researchers on key issues in economic development. ACED 2016 investigates how foreign direct investment (FDI) can foster inclusive economic growth and regional integration, and examines the factors that drive FDI most conducive for achieving development goals. This year's inaugural theme on the role of FDI in economic development will be further explored in the special theme chapter of one of ADB Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department's flagship publications, the Asian Economic Integration Report 2016.


Illustrative topics that the papers and presentations at the conference will address are:

  • Impacts of FDI on economic outcomes such as growth, technological spill-overs, domestic investment etc.
  • The role of comparative advantage, integration, institutions, international and domestic policy factors, as well as other country, sectorial and industry characteristics in driving FDI.
  • Given the importance of global and regional value chains in explaining the phenomena of ‘factory Asia’, what are the determinants and impacts of GVC (vertical and export platform) – FDI?
  • Analyses on the sectorial and industrial composition of FDI, for example the increasingly important role of the services sector.
  • Analyses on outward FDI from emerging Asian countries.

Target participants

Participation is open to all FDI experts and researchers based in Hong Kong, China.

Resource speakers

Keynote speakers are:

  • Wolfgang Keller, Professor, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Stephen Yeaple, Professor, The Pennsylvania State University

Conference materials

Conference materials will be available on the ARIC website.

Call for papers - ACED 2017

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