ADB continued to provide agile and tailored support to its developing members in 2021, balancing the need to address short-term COVID-19 response with ensuring longer-term pandemic recovery. ADB’s strong and reliable long-term partnerships played a major role in mobilizing financial resources and specialist knowledge during the pandemic.

ADB’s sovereign cofinancing has settled back closer to pre-pandemic levels, due to the fewer projects approved, influenced by restricted working and travel practices, and challenges in implementing programs and funds. Meanwhile, nonsovereign cofinancing reached a new height due to the increased volume of trade finance cofinancing. About 69% of total cofinancing resources were dedicated to COVID-19 response and recovery.

The ADB Partnership Report 2021: Partnerships for a Green, Inclusive, and Resilient Recovery highlights the work of ADB and its partners in cofinancing development work in 2021, including its continuing support for COVID-19 pandemic responses across the Asia and Pacific region.

The ADB Partnership Report 2021 will be launched via Facebook event, LinkedIn event, and YouTube Premiere.


To present the highlights of ADB’s cofinancing activities with bilateral and multilateral institutions, the private sector, and other development partners, including responses to the COVID-19 pandemic; and

To showcase stories that illustrate the concrete impact of ADB’s financing partnerships on the ground and how they are aligned with the seven operational priorities of ADB Strategy 2030.

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ADB partners and donors, including government agencies, multilateral organizations, and private sector partners

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WooChong Um, Managing Director General, ADB

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