ADB’s Sustainable Food Webinar Series #5 will discuss the organization’s approaches and potential pathways on achieving sustainable food systems in the webinar, and to see potential knowledge partnership and collaboration on related projects with ADB.


To keep up with the ever-growing world population in a scenario of rapidly changing climate, the food sector needs more stable supply chains to provide affordable food for all. This requires fundamental changes at various levels in food systems.

The absence of proven pathways of change characterises many areas in the food system. To meet this challenge, Rikolto experiments on ways to deepen its understanding of how to bring about transformational changes. Rikolto aims to foster innovation across the entire agri-food value chain to mainstream sustainable and inclusive business models. Its focus includes connecting farmers with innovators in the value chain, developing mechanisms of trust and transparency in the value chain, and empowering farmer groups. Through this approach, Rikolto aims to future-proof food systems, encourage climate-smart practices, build effective commodity platforms, and develop food-smart city policies.


To introduce Rikolto’s approach towards sustainable food systems and explore potential areas and pathways of collaboration with ADB

Target participants

The webinar welcomes representatives from the following organizations engaged in agriculture, natural resources, and rural development:

  • government and intergovernmental organizations
  • multilateral and bilateral development institutions
  • private firms engaged in the agriculture and food business
  • research and development institutions, think tanks, and centers of excellence NGOs, civil society, and advocacy organizations other individuals and organizations interested and/or engaged in agriculture and natural resources

Resource speakers

  • Qingfeng Zhang, Chief, Rural Development and Food Security Thematic Group Secretariat concurrently, OIC, Chief Environment Thematic Group Secretariat, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, ADB
  • Sujata Gupta, Director, East Asia Department, ADB
  • Catur Utami Dewi, Global Rice Programme Coordinator, Rikolto 
  • Nonie Kaban, Head of Programme in Indonesia, Rikolto
  • Peni Agustijanto, Cocoa and Cinnamon Manager, Agroforestry, Rikolto

How to register

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Attendance is free for this online event

Event organizers / partners

Asian Development Bank and Rikolto

Event Contact

  • Qingfeng ZHANG (Mr) Chief, Rural Development and Food Security Thematic Group Secretariat (SDTC-AR) concurrently, OIC, Chief Environment Thematic Group Secretariat (SDTC-ENV) Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department Asian Development Bank