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ADB Transport Forum 2014

Event | 15 - 17 September 2014 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

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The ADB Transport Forum is the largest gathering of transport officials and professionals in Asia and the Pacific. It is the biennial flagship transport event of ADB, drawing over 400 industry leaders and decision makers to discuss and share project updates, policies and issues, best practices and new innovations in the area of sustainable transport.

In this 4th edition, the ADB Transport Forum focuses on "Transport in the Asian Century". The forum sessions dwell on the impact transport systems face in light of Asia’s rise and its continued growth trajectory, which will make the region home to majority of the world’s middle class and the largest producer and consumer of goods and services. How will the sustainable mobility of people and the safe and efficient movement of goods and services be affected? Will the future still be promising despite present challenges such as increasing greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, road crashes and air pollution? The forum seeks to answer these questions and more. It also aims to provide concrete solutions that will drive safe, accessible, affordable and environment-friendly transport forward.

Forum sessions and associated events

Best practices and technologies on sustainable transport form the knowledge sharing during the plenary and parallel sessions, as well as the pre- and post-forum training workshops.

The ADB Transport Forum 2014 is designed to progressively focus on the key transport challenges on the first day; opportunities such as financing and private sector assistance on the second day; and, the future of urban mobility and new ideas from global research on the third day. The flow of the discussion builds on each session, such that issues are understood and transport solutions and initiatives are identified in order for the sector to help pave long-term sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

Day 1, 15 September: Conquering Poverty in Asia and the Pacific
The first day of the forum centers on the challenges that the region, specifically ADB’s developing member countries, is facing such as: social sustainability, climate resilience, road safety and adapting to technological transformation.

Day 2, 16 September: Financing Sustainable Transport in the Asian Century
The second day highlights the opportunities, specifically exploring available financing modalities and investors beyond the existing traditional mechanisms, and transport in the urban development context. The sessions focus on how to best manage the demand from ADB’s DMCs, especially those that will potentially graduate into middle income countries, with the available supply from donors, multilateral development banks (MDBs), and private sector.

Day 3, 17 September: The Future of Urban Mobility
The third day of the forum emphasizes the importance of sustainable urban transport in the Asian Century, since the region’s growing population is expected to live in cities. The morning plenary session looks at the current urban road infrastructure and whether it produces a net positive or negative impact on cities, while the parallel sessions zero in on reducing motor vehicle use by shifting to sustainable mobility, and the latest technologies that could change transport systems such as self-driving cars.

Day 4-5, 18 - 19 September: Post-forum proper Training Workshops
There are training workshops on Road Asset Management and Urban Road Safety. Both workshops are subject to screening of participants.


In line with the forum is the following special multimedia feature:


ADB works to promote sustainable transport in the Asian Century, as shown by some of these resources:


The ADB Transport Forum engages experts in the field of sustainable transport, leaders and decision makers from developing member countries, national and multinational banks, private sector firms and service providers, members of the academe, civil society, development partners and other international organizations and transport stakeholders.

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