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This September, the ADB Transport Forum will assemble the leading minds in transport and international development for a series of high-level policy debates, deep-dive technical sessions and thought-provoking talks and presentations. Our theme this year is Sustainable Transport for All — how to make transport available for everyone in Asia and the Pacific and how to make it affordable, accessible, safe and green.

Sustainable Transport for All is the world’s new ambition for transport, as reflected in the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. Now is the time to chart our course of action. Countries need to invest in sustainable transport systems and put in place the right policies, institutions, and technologies and capacities. To implement these, international development support for transport needs to be reshaped and a new institutional architecture needs to be considered.

Asia and the Pacific will be pivotal in mainstreaming sustainable transport. The region is home to majority of the world’s population and has the largest challenges in terms of poverty, pollution and climate change. Providing sustainable transport for all will be essential for tackling each of these urgent issues.

5 reasons not to miss #ADBTF16:

  1. It’s the foremost gathering of sustainable transport experts in Asia and the Pacific. Meet and network with thought leaders, game changers and practitioners bringing about real-world sustainable transport solutions.
  2. Join a unique dialogue between ADB and its developing member countries and partners, including a consultation on the midterm review of ADB’s Sustainable Transport Initiative.
  3. Sessions on the latest technical advances, best practices and challenges in sustainable transport covering each of the main transport modes.
  4. Participate in UN and other international processes on sustainable transport, and find out about policies for achieving the transport targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. Learn what different members of society think about sustainable transport, including young people’s hopes and dreams for the transport of the future.

Target participants

  • Leaders, senior officials and managers of transport and international development
  • Government officials from ADB developing member countries
  • Private sector, development partners, research organizations and NGOs


ADB hosts the Transport Forum every two years. It is a friendly gathering where transport leaders and experts can have an open dialogue and share their best ideas and experiences. This is a venue where old ways of thinking are disrupted and exciting innovations are formed. Participating in the ADB Transport Forum enables you to become part of the growing momentum toward a future with sustainable transport.

Registration is closed. 

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