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Ballooning public debt due to the COVID-19 crisis and an imbalanced recovery has led to post-pandemic debt vulnerability and fiscal sustainability challenges. Limited policy space will require a re-think of the existing fiscal framework and the formulation of alternative debt management strategies.

Cohosted by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the Korea Development Institute (KDI), this virtual conference will feature new research on public debt management and fiscal sustainability in the post COVID-19 era, with a focus on Asia and the Pacific.

The conference will examine fiscal governance and the implications for regulatory reform. It will also discuss green bond issuance and its role in promoting a sustainable recovery.

  • Explore policy options that would minimize short-term and long-term fiscal risks and enhance fiscal sustainability
  • Formulate effective strategies for public debt management and fiscal sustainability, with a focus on economies in Asia and the Pacific
  • Share best practices in public debt management and fiscal sustainability 

Policy makers, researchers from think tanks, universities, and other institutions, and interested members of the public

  • Greater understanding of current fiscal policy challenges in Asia and the Pacific and strategies for addressing them
  • Presentations featured during the conference to be made publicly available online
  • Research papers featured during the conference will be considered for publication in an ADBI book and as ADBI Working Papers
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Korea Development Institute

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