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How far have countries in Asia and the Pacific progressed on the Sustainable Development Goals, midway to the 2030 target date? What are the significant implementation barriers countries face and what reforms are necessary to accelerate progress? What are the lessons learned as the world looks beyond 2030?

The 2023 ADBI Annual Conference will examine the status of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Pacific, feature research and panel discussions on the factors that promote or inhibit progress, and highlight reforms necessary for countries in the region to achieve SDGs by 2030. The conference will also discuss sustainable development beyond 2030.

Research paper sessions will cover external risks facing developing economies, the financing of the SDGs, the proximate determinants of SDGs, and how countries’ endowments affect progress in achieving sustainable development.

  • Highlight Asia and the Pacific’s progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Explore the factors that inhibit or promote the achievement of the SDGs
  • Spotlight policy lessons and possible reforms to accelerate SDG adoption
Target Participants
  • Policy makers and experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations, as well as interested members of the public
  • Greater understanding of factors that inhibit or promote the achievement of the SDGs
  • Identification of potential policy solutions and reforms for advancing the SDGs
  • Research featured during the conference will be considered for publication in a journal special issue or a book volume

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