ADBI-Cambridge University Online Course on Fintech & Regulatory Innovation

Event | 30 September 2020

Course duration

30 September 2020 to 18 November 2020


Rapid advancements in financial technology, or fintech, are opening the door to greater financial inclusion and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. However, the growing knowledge gap between innovators and regulators regarding fintech and business models that apply it threatens to undermine the benefits while giving rise to new challenges.

If inadequately addressed, associated risks such as fraud, data privacy breaches, and other cyber vulnerabilities could increasingly harm consumers and stability. Regulatory deficiencies could also hinder competitiveness and growth within the fintech sector. Yet, for many policy makers, particularly in the region’s developing economies, keeping pace with fintech innovation is extremely difficult given their frequent lack of specialized knowledge and skills.

Against this backdrop, ADBI, Cambridge University’s Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, and the Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Limited offered an intensive 8-week Online Course on Fintech & Regulatory Innovation. The course examined the latest advancements in fintech, its financial inclusion implications, and strategies and tools for mitigating associated risks.

Admission to the course was selective and open to qualified policy makers from Asian Development Bank developing member economies. Selected applicants were awarded ADBI scholarships.

  • Strengthen fintech innovation and regulatory knowledge among policy makers from developing economies from across Asia and the Pacific
  • Build the capacity of policy makers to address evolving regulatory needs within the fintech sector

ADBI welcomed applications from policy makers who are citizens of ADB developing member countries and eager to develop their fintech systems. Females were encouraged to apply.

Each participant was awarded an $1,800 scholarship.

  • Improved policy maker knowledge of fintech and regulatory innovation
  • Greater recognition of fintech regulation capacity and development needs
  • Enhanced networking, collaboration, and cooperation among fintech experts
  • Cambridge University’s Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF)
  • Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Limited (JBSEEL)