Time of Event

10:00–15:15 Colombo, Sri Lanka time
13:30–18:45 Tokyo time


The conduct of monetary policy is increasingly challenging for emerging Asian economies due to the effects of COVID-19, unconventional monetary policies in advanced countries, volatile capital flows, volatile commodity prices, and the spillover effects of trade conflicts.

This ADBI-Central Bank of Sri Lanka-Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA) virtual workshop featured new research papers that examine monetary policy, banking and finance, and central banking imperatives across developing Asia and the Pacific.

  • Assess factors affecting the conduct of monetary policy in emerging Asian economies
  • Explore how monetary policy transmission can be improved
Target Participants
  • Central bankers and other government officials
  • Experts from think tanks, academia, and international organizations
  • Interested members of the public
  • Enhanced understanding of factors affecting the conduct of monetary policy in emerging Asian economies
  • Improved dialogue and support for monetary policy development and research
  • Presentations and related materials to be made available on the ADBI website
  • Featured research papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of an SSCI-listed journal
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association
Conference Presentations*

Financial Development and the Net Capital Flows “Allocation Puzzle” in Developing Asia
Presenters: John Beirne, Vice-Chair of Research and Senior Research Fellow, ADB Institute, Pradeep Panthi, Research Associate, ADB Institute


Does credit growth affect the current account? Evidence from emerging economies
Presenters: Bhavesh Garg, Indian Institute of Technology, Harsha Paranavithana, Central Bank of Sri Lanka


Oil Price Shocks and Financial Stress: Empirical Evidence from Quantile on Quantile Approach
Presenters: Trinh Q. Long, Project Consultant, ADB Institute, Peter J. Morgan, Senior Consulting Economist and Advisor to the Dean, ADB Institute


Impact of US Monetary Policy On Foreign Currency Debt and Credit Growth in Emerging Market Economies: Evidence from Covid-19 Period
Presenters: K.P. Prabheesh, Indian Institute of Technology, Vipula Wickramarachchi, Central Bank of Sri Lanka


Corporate Market Power and Monetary Policy Transmission in Asia
Presenters: Nuobu Renzhi, Capital University of Economics and Business, John Beirne, Vice-Chair of Research and Senior Research Fellow, ADB Institute


Whether monetary policy responds to COVID-19 effectively? Evidence from Asian Countries
Presenters: Yung-Peng Wang, Chun-Ping Chang, Janaka Edirishinghe


*Disclaimer: The views expressed in these presentations are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), its Board of Directors, or the governments they represent. ADBI does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in these presentations and accepts no responsibility for any consequences of their use. Terminology used may not necessarily be consistent with ADB official terms.

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