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11:00am - 12:00pm Tokyo time


This ADBI Featured Speaker webinar will spotlight University of Waikato development economist and Asian Development Review Editor-in-Chief John Gibson, who will discuss growing evidence on the importance of secondary towns for poverty reduction.

Gibson will explain that in contrast to traditionally more aggregative studies of urbanization’s development implications, research in Asia and beyond is increasingly highlighting the key role of secondary towns. He will describe how the balance of urbanization between big cities and secondary towns is related to progress in reducing poverty and the value of considering the urban mix for urbanization strategies in Asia and the Pacific.

About the Speaker

John Gibson is a development economist and economics professor at the University of Waikato. His research is focused on poverty and the measurement of living standards in Asia and the Pacific. He is a non-resident Visiting Fellow at the Asian Development Bank Institute and Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Development Review. He obtained his PhD from Stanford University.


University of Waikato

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Secondary towns and poverty
Presenter: John Gibson, University of Waikato


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