ADBI-Japan Railway Technical Services Virtual Policy Dialogue on the Future of High-Speed Rail Development

Event | 24 February 2021

Time of event

16:00–18:00 Tokyo time


High-speed rail (HSR) development is a complex undertaking under any circumstances, requiring careful attention to planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance issues, as well as social, economic, and political considerations. The COVID-19 crisis has added another layer to HSR project growth challenges.

This ADBI-Japan Railway Technical Services virtual policy dialogue will examine HSR development in Japan and Germany and the outlook for the sector across Asia and globally. It will consist of short initial presentations followed by a roundtable discussion with practitioners and policy makers from Asia and Europe.

  • Spotlight HSR development experiences and policy lessons in Japan and Germany
  • Identify onward growth challenges and opportunities within the sector
  • Discuss policy ideas and solutions for enabling post COVID-19 HSR development in Asia and beyond
  • Policy makers and HSR operators from Asia and Europe
  • Researchers and other experts from think tanks, international organizations, and universities
  • Enhanced understanding of HSR development keys moving forward
  • Exchange of industry growth experiences, policy lessons, and best practices
  • Greater impetus for policy research and collaboration
  • Presentations delivered during the event will be considered for publication as ADBI policy briefs and case studies
  • Indian Institutes of Technology at Kanpur and Madras
  • Japan Railway Technical Service
  • World Conference of Transport Research Society