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India’s 2023 Group of Twenty (G20) presidency endorsed the membership of the African Union in the forum, paving the way for South Africa’s G20 chair in 2025 following the G20 Indonesia, India, and Brazil troika. The stakes are high for Africa, the Global South, and the world, with the dawn of a new horizon for think tanks, along with new challenges and responsibilities.

Think7 Japan, the think tank engagement group under Japan’s 2023 Group of Seven (G7) presidency, and T20 India jointly called for G7-G20 bridging. The lead organizations from these G20/T20 and G7/T7 presidencies came together to support greater global think tank collaboration to address shared agendas in times of crisis. They identified supporting Africa’s sustainable development for advancing system transformation as one of their key objectives.

With its growing population and strategic position at the crossroads of geopolitical spheres, Africa is set to become the next reservoir of global growth. This will require system development and innovation, underscoring the increasing importance of think tanks, particularly those in Africa, to guide the continent’s growth by providing skills development, capacity building, and knowledge creation.

During her visit to Japan on the invitation of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, a leading expert from South Africa, will deliver a lecture at ADBI in Tokyo to provide perspectives from Africa and highlight the importance of boosting knowledge production from the Global South in supporting the G20 processes.

About the speaker

Elizabeth Sidiropoulos is chief executive of the South African Institute of International Affairs, which she has led since 2005. With more than 26 years of experience in the field of politics and international relations, Elizabeth’s expertise lies in South Africa’s foreign policy, South–South cooperation, and the role of emerging powers in Africa.

Elizabeth is currently on the Secretariat of T20 Brazil's International Advisory Council. In December 2020, she was appointed to serve on the Second High-Level Advisory Board of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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