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ADBI-OECD 14th Roundtable on Capital Market Reform in Asia

Event | 13 - 14 March 2014 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


The roundtable examines the challenges and risks facing Asian capital markets as the global financial system transitions toward the path of greater financial stability. Key issues to be discussed are the implications of less accommodative monetary policy in the US to Asia, as well as other global issues of relevance to Asia such as the phasing in of higher global financial regulatory reforms and standards, and impact of financial globalization and liberalization.


The Roundtable on Capital Market Reform in Asia, established by ADBI and OECD in 1999 as a response to the Asian financial crisis, is a forum for discussion among Asian securities regulators, policymakers, experts, practitioners, and scholars on issues related to capital market reforms in Asia. Recent trends and developments in financial markets, especially in Asia, reiterate the challenges authorities face to ensure the safety and soundness of the financial system and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory approaches in the financial sector. Hence, this roundtable will provide a platform for in-depth discussion of those issues and challenges.

The roundtable will focus on the following issues: (i) implication of quantitative easing tapering to Asia; (ii) global financial regulatory reforms—progress, implementation challenges and consequences; (iii) financial liberalization in the de-globalization phase; (iv) long-term investment for infrastructure development; (v) innovation for financial inclusion for households and small and medium-sized enterprises; and (vi) disaster risk financing and the evolving role of insurance and financial markets.


The roundtable will serve as an opportunity to review recent developments in capital markets and assess their implications on capital market development and integration in Asia. Building on other issues for emerging markets, it will also discuss issues on long-term investment for infrastructure development, role of capital markets in disaster risk financing, and the need for innovative financing in promoting sound, well-functioning and inclusive finance in Asia.


  • Promotion of good governance policies and practices in financial sector and capital market development.
  • Enhanced dialogue and networking among government agencies, international organizations, and the private sector to promote capital market development through knowledge sharing among policymakers and practitioners in the region.
  • Summary of proceedings and full report of the 14th roundtable (to be jointly developed by ADBI and OECD), including uploading of relevant conference presentations and other materials at ADBI and OECD websites.


Capital market regulators, senior finance and central bank officials from selected Asian and OECD countries.

How to register

By invitation only.


English (no interpretation will be provided)


Actively join the discussion and share views and experiences with regard to capital market issues.


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