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High-Speed Rail (HSR) development has been an important driver of economic growth in Asia and Europe. To expand HSR’s benefits in developing Asia and beyond, policy makers and experts must address complex challenges such as project appraisal and economic and quality-of-life impact analyses. Exploring international experiences and lessons learned within the sector can help them to do so effectively.

This ADBI Policy Maker E-Training Course will spotlight high-speed rail development imperatives, drawing on case studies and experience-sharing. Among the focuses will include HSR growth trends, policy strategies, impact evaluation, and implications for transportation and the environment. Special attention will be directed to HSR development in Viet Nam.


Among the course requirements include 5 self-paced, video-based modules which must be completed between 5 June and 9 July 2023:

Module 1: Global Perspectives of Frontiers in HSR Development

Module 2: Historical Facts and Impact Evaluation of HSR Development

Module 3: Transportation Mode Choice in Viet Nam Intercity Trips

Module 4: Estimating the Environmental Benefits of Viet Nam’s HSR Development

Module 5: The Benefits of HSR

The course lecturers and facilitators will review module performance and select qualified participants to join a virtual policy workshop as a panelist or discussant. Participants will also be invited to present case studies during the workshop, to take place on 24 July 2023.

  • Examine the current state of HSR development, related policy challenges and opportunities, and the outlook for future projects
  • Highlight policy strategies for boosting HSR development and planning
  • Discuss transportation infrastructure best practices, projects, and their socioeconomic spillover effects, with a focus on HSR development
Target Participants

Policy makers and experts from Asian Development Bank developing member countries

The modules will be made be available to the wider audience and published on the ADBI E-Learning platform in the third quarter of 2023.

  • Enhanced understanding of HSR development prospects
  • Identification of measures to address growth challenges and opportunities within the sector
  • Greater capacity among government officials to effectively plan and implement HSR projects

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