Climate accounting is an integral part of business growth and sustainability. Global demand for environmentally responsible and ethical business practices has been amplified due to the growing threat of climate change. The process of measuring, reporting, and verifying the impact of climate change for businesses is complex, demanding a greater role for climate accountants. Businesses need to understand their own emissions and damage profiles to set emissions targets, draw climate adaptation plans, and track their progress.

Taking place as part of the FICA-APAEA Conference cohosted by the Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountants (FICA) and the Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA), with the theme of “Key Issues in Climate Accounting,” this ADBI Session will discuss actionable mechanisms to harmonize climate reporting, including the role of central banks and financial supervisors, the role of multilateral development banks, and further challenges ahead.

  • Disseminate the latest research by ADBI on the Asian Environmental Finance Monitoring Platform
  • Stimulate dialogue and discussion on corporate-level climate-related disclosure and data collection processes, financial supervisory approaches, and central banks’ roles and actions
Target Participants
  • Central bankers, government officials, and civil society organizations
  • Accounting professionals and legal experts
  • Policy makers and experts from think tanks, academia, and international organizations
  • Enhanced understanding of the importance of corporate-level climate-related disclosure and data collection
  • Greater impetus for dialogue and collaboration on climate-related disclosure in Asia and the Pacific
  • Identification of a financial supervisory approach on climate actions
  • Featured research papers will be considered for inclusion in an ADBI-APAEA edited book
How to Register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI

  • The Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • The Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA)

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