Time of Event

11:10am-12:40pm Singapore time


Taking place during the 2022 Singapore Economic Review Conference, the ADBI session featured new research on COVID-19 impacts on households and small firms in Asia, and enhancing post-pandemic resilient recovery. It discussed the implications for human capital development and the spillover effects of information and communication technology infrastructure in India. The session also explored the role of institutions in promoting macrofinancial resilience in the region.

  • Spotlight new research on COVID-19 impacts on households and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Asia
  • Examine the tax revenue implications of the spillover effects of digital infrastructure growth
  • Discuss the importance of institutional quality for macrofinancial resilience in Asia
Target Participants
  • Policy makers and experts from think tanks, universities, international organizations, and the private sector
  • Enhanced awareness of the pandemic’s impacts on households, small firms, and human capital development in Asia and the policy implications
  • Improved understanding of the macrofinancial resilience impacts of institutional quality
  • Greater impetus for policy research dialogue and collaboration on strengthening macrofinancial resilience

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