Time of event

09:00–12:00 Tokyo time


ADBI and the Stanford University Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) held a 4-day workshop on case study writing and public policy for government officials from Asia and the Pacific. The workshop discussed how to create and utilize case studies to enhance policy development in the region, consisting of teaching, writing, and small group sessions.

Participating government officials were provided recorded video lecture material for viewing prior to the workshop to maximize discussion time. At the workshop’s conclusion, they were expected to complete their case study writing initiated during the workshop sessions, with the guidance of ADBI-Stanford University LAD resource persons.

  • Examine how to use case studies to build the capacity of government officials to advance public policy priorities 
  • Learn how to write case studies on policy lessons and innovation
  • Identify how to select case study topics and content and encourage audience engagement to optimize case study effectiveness 
  • Enhanced understanding of the value and application of case studies for developing public policy
  • Greater capacity among government officials from Asia and the Pacific to create case studies that boost domestic policy priorities
  • Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Leadership Academy for Development (LAD), Stanford University

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