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The COVID-19 pandemic has touched everyone in some way, but many of its impacts, such as job losses and care burdens, have been disproportionately felt by women. Nearly three years after the pandemic began, as countries move toward recovery and face new threats, how has women’s economic engagement changed and what policies can promote gender inclusive post-pandemic recovery and resilience against future shocks?

Hosted by ADBI and Yale University’s Inclusion Economics initiative and Economic Growth Center, this conference will spotlight new research on gender and economic opportunities in Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on gender-sensitive COVID-19 recovery and resilience building against future shocks. It will also include a dialogue examining related policy challenges and possible responses.

  • Discuss research on factors that enable and constrain women’s economic activity in Asia and the Pacific
  • Examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected women’s economic activities in the region
  • Highlight policy needs for promoting gender-equitable economic recovery
Target Participants
  • Researchers from think tanks, universities, and international organizations
  • Policy makers; media; and interested members of the public
  • Greater awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic’s implications for gender equality
  • Identification of policy solutions for boosting women’s economic engagement and inclusive recovery
  • Conference materials will be uploaded on the ADBI website

Yale University