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Advisory Council Policy Dialogue: Land Acquisition and Infrastructure Development through Land Trust Laws

Event | 11 September 2018 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines
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Infrastructure development and industrialization are some of the most important potential contributors to economic development. ADB and ADBI have emphasized their crucial role for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

However, growth dividends from infrastructure development and industrialization are difficult to reap without a proper incentive structure for private landowners to allow governments to build public infrastructure on their properties. Land acquisition remains one of the main development challenges in many Asian countries. Recent political upheavals due to forcible land grabbing and displacement for economic development in India, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines point to the need for a sustainable policy.

Combining tools from the fields of law and economics, a land trust or a land lease model can be an alternative method to facilitate government land acquisition while protecting the property rights of individuals and ensuring human security. A land trust is one of the best ways to increase the rate of return and create incentives for landowners and investors to invest in infrastructure development projects. Success stories of land trust initiatives in many Asian countries, including India and Japan, highlight the effectiveness of this method.

Recognizing these issues, ADBI and ADB will organize a policy dialogue to discuss how a land trust or a land lease model can facilitate government land acquisition in a sustainable way and contribute to infrastructure development and economic growth. The policy dialogue will provide government officials with opportunities to learn more about land acquisition and infrastructure development, and the potential of land trusts as an alternative policy tool. Case studies on India and Japan will be provided.

  • Promote discussion among government officials and experts, and share policy insights and country experiences related to land acquisition and infrastructure development through land trust laws
  • Build the capacity of officials to design and implement innovative approaches to land acquisition to promote infrastructure development projects
  • Around 20 directors or directors general from ministries of finance, law, planning, transport, infrastructure, and investment from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand
  • Members of ADBI’s Advisory Council
  • Better understanding of issues and challenges related to land acquisition and economic development in Asia
  • Enhanced understanding of characteristics, concepts, and models of land trust (or land lease model) among government officials from developing member countries (DMCs)
  • Sharpened problem solving and analytical skills in formulating and implementing strategies and action plans
  • ADBI alumni network among government officials in DMCs
  • Presentation materials to be uploaded to the ADBI website
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