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Advisory Council Policy Dialogue: Financing Infrastructure in Developing Asia

Event | 13 April 2018 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan
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Economic growth and investment in infrastructure go hand in hand. A growing economy needs to constantly improve infrastructure to ensure smooth and efficient production and exchange of goods and services. Investment in infrastructure contributes to economic growth and creates jobs. But costs typically must be borne upfront, while returns can only be collected in the medium to long term.

The complexity of infrastructure investment is one of the main reasons why governments in Asia and the Pacific invest less in infrastructure than necessary to maintain the current growth momentum. ADB estimates that developing Asia will need to invest $1.5 trillion per year in infrastructure through 2030 to maintain its economic growth momentum and tackle poverty.

Against this background, ADBI recently published Financing Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific: Capturing Impacts and New Sources to provide the latest scientific evidence on infrastructure investment, including new ideas on how to finance infrastructure. The book introduces a novel financing method based on the idea that new infrastructure generates positive spillover effects, which can be captured and returned to the investor to increase the rate of return.

This policy dialogue will gather members of the ADBI Advisory Council and other high-level officials to deepen understanding on infrastructure financing in developing Asia. Financing Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific will be used as a reference throughout discussions.


Promote discussion and enhance dialogue on financing infrastructure in developing Asia among government officials, experts, and members of the ADBI Advisory Council.


About 10 government officials from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, as well as members of ADBI Advisory Council.

  • Better knowledge and enhanced capacity of Asian countries to understand the various aspects of financing infrastructure in developing Asia.
  • Enhanced dialogue among government officials and experts on key issues related to the opportunities, challenges, and the development dimension of financing infrastructure.
  • Presentation materials to be uploaded to the ADBI website.
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