The conference will present the following studies and further improve them through discussion among global economic architecture experts.

  • Overview of aging in Asia and its implications (2 papers)
  • Public pensions (2 papers)
  • Private pensions (2 papers)
  • Health care (2 papers)
  • Public health insurance (2 papers)
  • Private health insurance (2 papers)
  • Long-term care and long-term care insurance (2 papers)
  • Aging, labor markets, and human capital formation (2 papers)

Participants will be research paper authors; scholars from well-known universities, research institutions, think thanks, among others; experts from government agencies; and a broader audience from public and private organizations as well as postgraduate students.


Perhaps the biggest long-term fiscal challenge faced by emerging Asian economies is the aging of their populations, which will lead to much higher levels of old-age-related spending, especially on health insurance, long-term care, and pension benefits. This rapid aging trend results in the rapid increase in life expectancy mainly because of improvements in public health and the sharp fall in fertility rates in response to greater economic opportunities for women and higher costs of raising children. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) (2010, 2011) estimates that many emerging economies will face large increases in public spending on pensions and health care services (an average increase of 7.0 percentage points of GDP between 2010 and 2050).

ADBI has been involved in a number of previous activities related to population aging, including the ADBI–PRI Conference on Strategies for Maintaining Fiscal Soundness in Aging Societies, and the ADBI–IMF–MOF–PRI Tokyo Fiscal Forum on Fiscal Policy for Long-term Growth and Sustainability in Aging Societies: Achieving Sustainable Social Spending. The former produced only five papers and focused on advanced country issues, while the latter did not produce papers. This conference aims to produce a large number of papers featuring the latest academic findings and insights on a broad range of issues connected with population aging in Asia, including the following:

  • Public and private pensions
  • Long-term care and public and private long-term care insurance
  • Health care and public and private health insurance
  • Aging, labor markets, and human capital formation


Well-known scholars and experts on aging-related issues will actively promote a discussion, contributing to the theoretical and empirical literature and regional policy dialogue. The focus will be on major challenges for Asian economies arising from aging, and identifying policies to meet such challenges in ways that support sustainable and inclusive growth.


30 participants.


All papers will be considered for publication as ADBI policy briefs or ADBI working papers, as articles in a journal special issue, or as a book chapter.

How to register

By invitation only.




Asian Growth Institute (AGI) and Kita Kyushu

Time of event

Day 1: 09:00 – 18:00
Day 2: 09:00 - 17:30

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