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Alternative Partnerships in the Water Sector

Event | 15 - 18 March 2016 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


This workshop will help policy makers and planners in the water sector learn about and share their knowledge on new types of contracts (including public–private partnerships arrangements) for delivering effective urban water and water-related sanitation systems. Discussions will be centered on case examples of effective contracts in Asia and elsewhere and identify the costs and benefits associated with different contractual arrangements.


Providing an adequate water supply to households, businesses, and public establishments is critical for economic growth and improved social welfare in terms of health, sanitation, and basic needs. Well-managed water and water-related sanitation systems provide for the delivery of clean, safe water for drinking, food preparation, and bathing, and for the proper disposal, treatment, and re-use of water.

Water sector projects have traditionally been structured as concession projects, but a variety of new types of contracts and public–private partnerships arrangements are appearing. These include

  • performance contracts;
  • the involvement of small-scale operators;
  • joint venture companies bringing together the public and private sectors to develop the sector;
  • lease contracts; and
  • management contracts.

All these types of partnerships are being adopted increasingly in different countries as “alternatives” to big concession contracts. They are well adapted to a public service that mixes the need for investment and the desire for basic urban services improvement.


The workshop will bring together experts and government officials to identify the costs and benefits associated with different contractual arrangements.


Workshop participants will include policy makers from about 20 Asian countries, along with experts and staff from national and international organizations.

Participant responsibilities

Participants are expected to attend and actively participate in all sessions.


  • Share knowledge and experience on PPPs in the water sector
  • Create a greater understanding of the risk share in alternative water PPP arrangements
  • Provide case examples of effective PPPs in Asia, France, and elsewhere
  • Identify the costs and benefits associated with different PPP arrangements
  • Develop presentation materials, to be uploaded on the ADBI website

How to register

By invitation only.




Centre d’Etudes Financières, Economiques et Bancaires (CEFEB) and Agence Française de Développement

Time of event

9:00 - 18:00