APEC Financial Regulators Training Initiative Regional Seminar on Technology Risk Supervision

Event | 18 - 22 February 2013 Sydney, Australia


The course builds on foundational concepts of networks and operating systems, and covers applied topics of risks, system management, controls, data management and emerging technologies.


At the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • recognize and understand more advanced concepts of bank technology and architecture;
  • identify business and supervision risks related to a financial institution's IT environment;
  • assess the impact of identified risks on the institution's operations;
  • discuss examination results and concerns with the financial institution's management; and
  • analyze and assess the impact of the risks and exposures of existing and emerging technologies and make relevant control recommendations to the financial institution's management.

Expected outputs

  • complete the evaluation and identify key risks of a non-complex financial institution's IT environment with the assistance of a more senior IT examiner;
  • prepare, or assist in the preparation of, examination findings concerning a financial institution's technology risks; and
  • conduct or participate in a discussion with bank management regarding IT examination findings and concerns.

Target participants

This seminar is an intermediate-level course designed primarily for IT examiners, but is also appropriate for safety and soundness examiners who are exposed to IT-related issues during examinations and who have a basic understanding of financial institution IT concepts, supervision, and risks.

Resource speakers

US Federal Reserve