ADB and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) will be hosting the Asia Netherlands Water Learning Week (ANWLW) in the Hague, The Netherlands, on 15-19 April.

The ANWLW is a week-long intensive program that will bring together project teams from across ADB’s developing member countries with water experts from the Netherlands.


The participants will develop knowledge and share experience regarding ‘Nature-Based Solutions’ applicable to cities, coasts, and river basins through a combination of lectures, interactive sessions, and field visits. ANWLW will give the participants from ADB’s project teams with a platform to engage in discussions with experts, addressing challenges and exploring potential solutions from both Dutch and international perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on adapting these solutions to the unique contexts of developing member countries.

Target participants

ADB personnel, ADB executing and implementing agencies

Event organizers / partners

  • ADB
  • Netherlands government
  • Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

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