The Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024 will be held from 9-12 April 2024 in Manila, Philippines to discuss actions to ease a worsening food crisis in the region, and to improve long-term food security by strengthening food systems against the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss among stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific.

The forum will serve as a milestone event to take stock of the interim performance of ADB’s commitment to provide at least $14 billion of own resources to support food security over 2022-2025, and to outline ADB’s forward program on food security in partnerships with a diversity of stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific.

The Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024 presents an opportunity for partners in both the public and private sectors to showcase their thought leadership and initiatives in building more sustainable and resilient food systems in the region for the future of climate, food and nature. The forum also provides opportunities for engaging with policymakers, government officials, development practitioners, food system and climate change experts, and ADB staff to build strong partnerships in policies, project implementation and research, to accelerate food systems transformation in Asia and the Pacific.


The Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024 seeks to achieve:

  • Food security policy perspectives and food systems priorities – building a shared understanding among policy makers of long-term challenges and opportunities of food systems transformation in Asia and the Pacific, and of short-term cooperative approach to responding to rising food price.
  • ADB’s food security operational performance – assessing the progress and performance of the ADB’s $14 billion commitment to food security in 2022-25.
  • Forward support programs confirmed with policy makers – priorities focused on agri-food systems transformation and with operational approaches reflecting the ADB’s four key shifts under new operating model (climate, private sector, solution and One ADB).
  • Partnerships and knowledge sharing with development partners for food security strengthened – follow up the IFI Action Plan for Food Security and the first IFI Global Forum for Food Systems Transformation.

Target participants

  • ADB’s developing member countries’ government representatives, ADB executing and implementing agencies involved in agriculture, food, nature and rural development
  • Private sector organizations and civil society organizations on sustainable and resilient food systems transformation
  • Development partners, including multilateral development banks, multilateral and bilateral donors and UN agencies
  • Academia, think-tanks, and centers of excellence
  • ADB staff and consultants working across all operational sectors on food security


Participation to the forum is free. However, participants who are interested in joining as onsite participants will have to pay for their own travel, accommodation, and other arrangements to attend the event in Manila, Philippines.

How to register

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