The Supreme Court of Fiji, in partnership with ADB, and the United Nations Environment Programme, is organizing the Asia-Pacific Judicial Conference on Environmental and Climate Change Adjudication on 7-8 October 2019, in Nadi, Fiji. The conference will be hosted under the banner of the Asian Judges Network on Environment (AJNE), the unique judicial network working towards strengthening environmental and climate change adjudication.

The conference is a continuation of the annual gathering of AJNE chief Jjstices, senior judges, legal and multi-disciplinary experts, and environment and climate change advocates, which began in 2011; and will be the first one to be held in the Pacific region.


Given the fact that Asia-Pacfic judiciaries actively deal with matters relating to the environment and climate change, it is essential that they actively enhance their knowledge and stay up to date with regional and international challenges and best practices. With this backdrop, the goal of the conference is to discuss various topics such as regional environmental issues, climate change issues (science, social, technical, economic and cultural aspects), and adjudicatory tools for handling and managing environment and climate change cases – all with a special focus on the Pacific countries.

Target participants

Judges from selected Asian countries, and from all Pacific countries.

Resource speakers

High-level government officials, judges, experts and scientists in the areas of environment and climate change adjudication, partners from UNEP and other organizations.

How to register

By invitation only

Event organizers / partners

  • ADB
  • Supreme Court of Fiji
  • United Nations Environment Programme

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