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The Asia-Pacific Pathway to Universal Health Care

Event | 12 December 2017 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


Accelerating progress toward universal health care (UHC) requires whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches that engage a range of national sectors and stakeholders beyond ministries of health in dialogue, including academics, civil society organizations, and health professionals. Applied health systems and policy research can provide the needed evidence to move forward based on country-specific contexts, while the voices of patients, families, and communities can exert bottom-up pressure to spur health system performance improvement.

The Asia-Pacific Pathway to Universal Health Care Workshop will bring together health leaders from government, public health and health systems academics, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centres, WHO Western Pacific Region UHC Technical Advisory Group members, development partners, and civil society organizations to discuss how to accelerate progress toward UHC. The side event will follow soon after the 2017 UHC technical advisory group meeting, whose outcomes and recommendations will inform the discussions. For wider dissemination, the session presentations and key messages will likely be published as a special issue of the Journal of Health Systems and Reform.

The sessions will be organized around the following thematic focus areas:

  • Service delivery: Pathways to service delivery transformation to respond to noncommunicable diseases and population aging and accelerate progress toward UHC
  • Financing: Financing pathways to accelerate progress toward UHC
  • Governance: Governance pathways to accelerate progress toward UHC
  • Demand-side issues: Pathways to engaging communities and responding to demand-side issues to accelerate equitable progress toward UHC

The WHO is commissioning scoping reviews to summarize the current evidence base and gaps on these four thematic focus areas. The reports of these scoping reviews are intended to inform the discussions at the event.


  • To enhance the capacity of policy makers in ADB’s DMCs by increasing their knowledge about financing, managing, and improving the governance of health care institutions to ensure universal health care coverage in Asia
  • To highlight current financial and management challenges facing health care services to achieve universal health care coverage in Asia


About 15 high-level government officials along with speakers from ministries of health and related organizations.

Participant responsibilities

Attend all sessions and participate in discussions


  • Shared country experience on progress toward UHC
  • Discussion on how to strengthen primary health care as the foundation of universal health coverage and the role of hospitals within primary health care and UHC
  • Strengthened engagement among public health and health systems experts and academics to support countries’ efforts toward UHC

How to register

By invitation only.




Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Health Organization Regional Office of the Western Pacific, and Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health.

Time of event

09:30 – 18:00