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ADBI Seminars at 2019 Asia Pacific Social Protection Week

Event | 9 - 12 September 2019 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines
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ADBI will host two policy seminars during the 2019 Asia Pacific Social Protection Week at Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters in Manila, the Philippines as part of the program’s broader discussions on advancing social protection systems in the region and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The first ADBI seminar on Tuesday, 10 September will explore community-based financing mechanisms like hometown investments and microinsurance and their capacity to enable greater poverty reduction and small business growth. The second ADBI seminar on Wednesday, 11 September will examine the macroeconomic challenges of demographic shifts such as population aging and potential policy solutions.

  • Enhance the capacity of ministries in Asian Development Bank Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to assess and access financing options to expand social protection programs
  • Highlight the economic and social development case for investing in elderly care services and other social protection schemes
  • Strengthen the capacity of ADB DMCs to plan, design, implement, and monitor policies and programs for elderly care services

Policy makers from ADB Developing Member Countries including Azerbaijan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.

  • Improved understanding of demographic challenges such as aging to equip ADB Developing Member Countries to implement effective policy responses
  • Improved knowledge of community-based financing arrangements for enhancing social protection
How to register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.


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