Time of event

2 September: 18:00–19:00 Tokyo time
Consultation Sessions Launch and Training Session

7 September: 18:00–20:30 Tokyo time
Green Economy Consultation Session

9 September: 18:00–20:30 Tokyo time
Digital Economy Consultation Session

11 September: 18:00–20:30 Tokyo time
Informal Economy Consultation Session


Asia and the Pacific is home to over 1.1 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 29, a group that accounts for many of the 40 million individuals that enter the workforce annually. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely impact employment globally, it also presents new opportunities for youth to leverage increasing digital interconnectedness to enhance their employment prospects in the face of uncertainty.

ADBI, the Asian Development Bank, and Plan International co-hosted the Asia Pacific Youth Symposium 2020, bringing together policymakers, young leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss emerging issues related to youth economic empowerment and meaningful youth engagement in the pandemic era. The symposium included special consultation sessions on the role of youth in advancing sustainable and inclusive development, with focus on the growth of the green, digital, and informal economies.

Participants are expected to attend at least one consultation session.

  • Examine the post-COVID-19 outlook for youth economic empowerment and engagement in Asia and the Pacific
  • Assess emerging youth employment challenges and opportunities
  • Identify policy priorities and solutions for promoting youth in the economy as a driver of sustainable and inclusive development
  • Youth leaders from Asia and the Pacific
  • Policy makers from Asian Development Bank member countries
  • Experts from think tanks, universities, civil society groups, multilateral organizations, and the private sector
  • Enhanced understanding of youth economic empowerment and engagement keys in the post-COVID-19 environment
  • Interviews to obtain qualitative data on the experiences of young people to support policy research in related areas
  • Possible publication of a policy brief highlighting recommendations for strengthening intergenerational collaboration, skills building, economic empowerment, and the future of youth employment
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Plan International

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