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Asian Bond Monitor Workshop

Event | 23 June 2017 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


In the last decade, major emerging Asian countries have developed bond markets considerably, although achievements vary significantly among the markets. While government bonds hold the larger portion, except for the Republic of Korea, corporate bonds have gained importance notably in the People’s Republic of China. These bonds are mostly denominated in local currencies, but foreign currency-denominated bonds have also been increasing in recent years, especially in the corporate bond markets. The development of bond markets in Asia is at least partly led by foreign investors who have expanded their investment in these markets in search for yield under the exceptionally low interest rate environment in developed economies. However, such international investment flows may be changing particularly due to the economic slowdown in the region.

ASEAN+3 nations in cooperation with ADB are continuing their efforts to develop the bond markets and to promote their regional integration under the Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI), but further development in the near future is not obvious. One of the earliest and most successful products of the ABMI is the Asian Bond Monitor, produced by ADB, which comprises both an online database and a quarterly publication that provides investors with detailed information about the condition of local-currency bond markets in ADB.


  • To address the following questions:
    • How can the most recent developments in Asian bond markets be appreciated?
    • What would be the major challenges for the economies with less developed bond markets?
    • What would be the prospects and major challenges for the Asian bond markets and their regional integration?
  • To present the latest Asian Bond Monitor report;
  • To present research by experts on recent developments in Asian bond markets;
  • To share experiences on the topic; and
  • To develop policy ideas which can be implemented in the region.


About 50 participants.


  • Presentations by expert researchers on developments in Asian bond markets;
  • Shared experiences on bond markets; and
  • Dissemination of the work of ADB and ADBI staff and others, engaging academics, think tank analysts, and officials




Asian Development Bank

Time of event

09:30 - 13:00