The 2016 Asian Evaluation Week, co-sponsored by the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Finance Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute and the Asian Development Bank Independent Evaluation Department, is the first such event to be held in Asia, allowing the exchange and synthesis of ideas on the latest and practicable thinking on evaluation. Gathering around 25 countries from Asia and the Pacific; heads of evaluation units of multilateral development banks in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America; heads of evaluation units of UN agencies; and international evaluation experts, the inaugural 2016 AEW is aimed at enhancing evidence-based decision making to contribute to the development of the region.1

The AEW is being organized in the Asia-Pacific region in response to the growing attention on the use of evaluation for better results and accountability, especially as countries commit to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, requiring the better tracking and accounting of national objectives and goals. The AEW is expected to be repeated in the succeeding year and be an annual event in bringing together evaluation colleagues to discuss the recent trends in evaluation thinking.


The AEW objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide a venue for knowledge sharing on the latest and cutting edge ideas on evaluation within Asia, and between Asia and other regions, such as Africa and Latin America.
  2. To enable countries to share experiences on their evaluation works, and to gain knowledge on how to manage and use evaluation findings and results.
  3. To allow experts and development partners to showcase progress in their thematic and sector evaluation works, and the recent thinking on evaluation methodology and practices.
  4. To increase awareness on the use and role of evaluation in development effectiveness.

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Participants comprise senior government officials, international experts, and development partners.


Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of China, through the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI), in partnership with the ADB's Independent Evaluation Department.


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1 While the economic growth of Asia is attributed to confluence of factors, it is not denying that evidence-based economic decisions in much of Asia, or the pragmatic pursuit of policies that work, contributed to Asia’s remarkable economic success. Asia over the last decade accounted for half of the world’s growth. (Asian Development Bank. 2014. Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank: Evaluation for Better Results. Manila).

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